Nick Whitmire
     Senior Animator / Layout Artist

       My primary goal is to work on compelling visual effects within a creative team.


       Bungie - Seattle, WA (Oct 2016 - Current)
        - Senior Cinematic Animator
        - Creating animation for in-engine cinematics     

       Monolith Productions - Seattle, WA (July 2016 - Oct 2016)
        - Senior Artist/ Animator
        - Creating layout and animation for game cinematics

       Digital Domain - Vancouver, BC (September 2015 -June 2016)
        -  Senior Character Animator
        - Creating character animation for feature films

       343 Industries - Seattle, WA (June 2014 - July 2015)
        - Character Animator / Layout Artist
        - Provided intro and outro cinematics for all multiplayer maps on Halo 5
        - Developed the entire pipeline and workflow for the multiplayer in-game cinematics
        - Enabled significant efficiencies through detailed and consistent documentation

       Blur Studio - Venice, CA (July 2006 - June 2014)
        - Lead Animator / Layout Artist
        - Created final animation on game cinematics, commercials and feature films
        - Built pre-visualizations by creating cameras and rough character blocking along with project editing

       Tigar Hare Studios - Sherman Oaks, CA (May 2005 - June 2006)
        - Lead Animator / Layout Artist / Rigging Artist
        - Created animations for commercials and game cinematics

        - Proficient in Maya, 3DStudioMax, XSI Softimage, Motion Builder and Adobe Photoshop
        - Well versed in using editing programs such as Vegas, Premiere, and Adobe After Effects
        - Very pro-active with team communication and driven about creating personal short films and artwork
        - Strong knowledge of a studio pipeline from concept to delivery

       Associate of Science Degree in Computer Animation
       Full Sail Real World Education, Winter Park, FL
       Graduation Date: December 16, 2005
       Recipient of the 2005 Advanced Achievement Award

       2009 Gnomon Masters Class teacher for animation online course
       2007 National Association of Broadcast promotional speaker for Autodesk
       2004 Atlanta Toyota School Scholarship